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Our Mission:

Rutger & Doyle is dedicated to helping coaches, speakers, and lifestyle leaders increase their client base. We help you amplify your communications, giving you more reach, separating you from the noise, and expanding your profit margin!

We do this by helping you build & launch your website quickly, bring your story to new customers, and design and develop your personal brand while using the latest technology to help your website drive outreach, traffic, and conversions.

We work quickly to help you with your coaching, speaking, or lifestyle business – whether you are just ramping up or are ready to expand your influence!

How Can a New Website Help Your Business?

An up-to-date, modern website can do a lot for your business.

Increase Customer Trust

A quality website demonstrates a commitment to quality and an attention to detail.

 Increase Customer Quality

The best customers want a good experience from start to finish

 Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Stop alienating mobile customers. Smartphones account for over half of all internet traffic. Can you afford to ignore half of all visitors to your site?

 Increase Ease-of-Use – for You and Your Customer

Allow customers to navigate a clean, user-oriented design and get the info they need. Give yourself the gift of modern software that makes it easier to update and maintain your site, even if you don’t do it yourself.

 Prepare Your Website for Modern, Advanced Marketing and Features

A creaky, old site is a wasted opportunity. Email lists, content marketing, e-commerce, and more can be integrated into your site.

 Demonstrate Professionalism

A great website is like a suit and tie for your business. Your website is often the first thing a prospective customer sees. Put your best foot forward and make an amazing first impression.

All of this serves your main goal: increase sales and serve your customers better!

Modern features you may be missing out on:

  • Video content to drive customer engagement and sales
  • Email collection and management for direct marketing
  • Simple article publication to attract and educate prospective customers
  • 24-hour sales and subscription while you sleep
  • Marketing automation and search engine reporting
  • Social media engagement for customer communication
  • …And much more!

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Coaching QuickStart

Get started quickly with one of our proven website templates. Start your client outreach, lead generation, and direct marketing today!

The Coaching Quickstart plan includes a basic website and monthly website hosting with email support for one year.

Only $49/month*

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Advanced Design & Branding

For the more established coach or speaker, looking for a more polished look as his or her audience grows in number and sophistication.

We’ll analyze your current website, branding, communications efforts, and more to help you determine your needs. This full-service review and refresh will help your audience and clients feel more comfortable with your new, professional look. Optimize your site for mobile users, keeping busy people on your site longer, driving sales and sign ups.

We just want to help you state your message clearly and boldly, to give your customers more of what they want: You.

Starting at $1,999

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Better Money Decisions

This site is a refresh of Better Money Decision’s flagship site,

Along with a number of their sister sites, we helped them to increase their online presence with a clean, modern website. The new design attracts customers, demonstrates the quality of their service, hosts information and sign ups for live events, and is easy to update as their business grows and offers more services!


Wrench Press

Wrench Press is the sister site to Rutger & Doyle, offering monthly maintenance packages for WordPress sites.


Think Twice Charity

We created this site for the Think Twice charity, a UK-based charity operating in and around Cerro San Gil, Guatemala.

They’re using their site to keep patrons updated on the status of their efforts. It also acts as a focal point for donation drives, as well as volunteer coordination for those who’d like to lend a hand.


This is a sister site to Think Twice, Xe’Ha.

Xe’Ha is a for-profit export business designed to help lift farmers out of poverty in the Rio Dulce region of Guatemala.

The site was created using the Bootstrap CSS framework.


SD Outfitter

SD Outfitter reached out to us to help them build a more attractive initial impression for their big-game hunting experience, as well as to communicate details and schedules to prospective clients.

The site is attractive to modern clients with easy-to-use scheduling while being easy to update each season.


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Contact us for a complimentary site review and consultation. We can talk about how your website is performing now and the results you’d like to see and, if you’d like, establish a plan to get you there.

Whether you have a big project that you need to discuss, or want to retain us as your offsite design department at an hourly rate, we’re available to help you with any website or design need.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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